Sex Crime One Click Ahead…

After last week’s celebrity leak photo chaos, I noticed a lot of debate on the “privacy” topic everywhere on the Internet. I happened to come across a Forbes article which addressed the issue as a “Sex Crime”. To be honest, it was refreshing to see female celebrities treated like human beings. It’s uplifting to see a man writing about the issue who “gets it” with regards to women’s lives.

“A woman, be she in the public eye or a private citizen, has a right and privilege to take photos of herself for whatever reason she chooses. A woman, be she a celebrity or a regular citizen, has the right to store them in the same manner as her male peers without the presumption that they will be stolen by an act of cyber hackery.”

Also, the author should’ve add,  that all applies to men in a similar situation as well.

I definitely agree with the claim that the leak and viral sharing of these pictures are in fact a Sex Crime. This is an especially insidious crime for many reasons, but one is that self-confidence is hard-won for women in our culture. These women had the confidence to find themselves beautiful and to mark that moment for their own purposes. Their confidence and their belief in themselves has been turned into a weapon and used against them. How dare they, this crime states — how dare they feel pretty and sexy in any circumstance that is *not* for our entertainment? Don’t they know their place?

“little-to-no accountability for the consumers of said stolen property/invasion of privacy. This is clearly a violation.”

This is what is at the heart of the matter. Crime will never be fully eradicated. That someone stole and distributed these pictures is awful, but not particularly shocking.

What IS disturbing is how many ordinary, non-criminal people become devoid of compassion and empathy the second they want to see a naked photo of someone.

But what about us? the random internet surfers who might click on a link, just like we did with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Who didn’t find Ben Affleck throwing Jennifer Garner into a pool, with the kids giggling in background, absolutely adorable? Who didn’t sigh when Matt Damon poured toilet water on his head to bring attention to the 80 million people on this planet who do not have access to clean water? The public can’t get enough of famous people, especially in their more candid moments.

Despite the temptation, the reasons we shouldn’t click, the reasons we can’t click, are simple and straightforward. We are creating demand. Websites track their traffic. If site owners and editors notice that stolen, nude celebrity photos are getting a lot of clicks and attention, they will want more. They, along with hackers and paparazzi, will do whatever they can to obtain more.


Stay Flawless,

Ms. Femme.



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